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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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Open Burning Requirements

The Norfolk Fire Department would like to ensure the community is familiar with the procedures for the burning of brush during the 2010 burning season.  To initiate this process, residents can for the first time use our online form on Jan. 15th or go to the Public Safety Complex, Fire Headquarters, 117 Main Street and obtain a copy of the Open Burning Regulations and Permit from the Communications Center.  There is no fee for this permit.
Once a Permit has been issued, residents shall not begin any burning without first contacting Fire Headquarters AFTER 10AM each day they wish to burn to ensure open burning is permitted (based upon weather conditions or other safety factors deemed appropriate by the Fire Chief or on-duty Fire Officer).  

Residents are required to call only 508-528-3207.  Calls to any other number will not be accepted by the Communications Center.  

The Communications Center dispatcher will request:

1.      Burning Permit number.
2.      Your Name
3.      Your Address
4.      Your Telephone Number

If open burning is permitted, permission will be granted through the Communications Center dispatcher.

Open burning season begins on January 15, 2011, and continues to May 1, 2011, only under the following conditions:

·       Burning shall be at least 75 feet from all buildings.
·       Burning shall not be started prior to 10AM and the fire shall be extinguished by 4PM.
·       Permission to burn will not be given after 1PM.
·       Someone must always be in attendance at the fire until it is extinguished.
·       A water supply, such as a pressurized water pump or garden hose, along with shovels or
        rakes must be available for controlling the fire BEFORE it is started.
·       The burning of grass, hay, leaves, stumps, tires and lumber is prohibited.
·       The use of flammable liquids is prohibited to start or maintain the fire.

Any violation of the above conditions will result in the revocation of the Permit for the season.  If the Fire Department is required to extinguish a fire under a Permit between 4PM and 10AM, the person who has signed for the Permit may be assessed the cost of the Fire Department’s response.  Furthermore, if the Permitted fire becomes a nuisance for abutters, the Fire Department has the authority to order the fire extinguished.  If a nuisance fire requires extinguishment by the Fire Department, the cost of the Fire Department response may be waived by the Fire Chief, dependent upon circumstances relative to the Permitted fire.

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