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DRAFT ** Leland House Relocation Project

***Notes about this document***
Feb 15, 2008: Hi! This is a draft document and I will be continuing to work on it over w/end and next week. Email me ( if you have comments, suggestions or info. Thanks.

--------------------------------------------------------------- The Webpage ---------------------------------------

Background: The current house owner is building a new house on her land at 23 Leland. The project is to be environmentally friendly and includes... (what features make this project environmentally friendly?). The current house is in good, usable condition, and therefore, in keeping with the idea of 'reuse and recycle', rather than destroy the existing house, the owner is seeking to find a new owner and location for the home. The house has been offered free of charge to the Town. The town is considering that option and is in the process of finding a piece of town-owned land which could reasonably take this home. Sites currently under consideation are: 7 Leland and a lot fronting onto Geneva, close to Freeman Centennial school. The town would sell the house as an 'affordable' home, recouping any associated costs. Any profit realised by the town would be deposited in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to help fund future affordable housing efforts.

The owner should be able to claim tax benefits from the donation and has offered to use some of these funds to assist in the relocation of the house. It should be noted that $7000 of these funds have already been allocated to cover the cost of lifting the house off it's foundation. A further amount will be required to pay for repair work to the foundation which would not have beeen incurred if the house had been demolished.

Photo: Contractor has a photo or I will take one.

Description of house (Per contractor):  
Nice looking, well built house with many recent improvements.
Built: 1947
Style : 3 bedroom ranch
Total number of rooms: 6 (not including bathrooms or enclosed front porch)
Bathrooms: 1 full, 1 half
Basement: House has a full basement at current location. Because of design it should have a full basement at it's new location.
Interior features: Hardwood floors, fireplace, crown moldings, kitchen and bath floors installed in 2005.
Roof/Gutters: Asphalt roof installed in 1994, new gutters installed in 2000
Siding: Vinyl siding installed 2000
Windows: Most windows are newer vinyl replacement windows. Picture windows are original and in good condition.
Work required: Minor cosmetic repair/updating on interior. NOTE: Due to the relocation process, the house will require a new heating system, plumbing and updated electrical.
        ************ What is the footprint of the house?
Assessed price: What is assessed price of house alone??? - Scott?

Cost of moving: Moving cost is dependant upon how far the house is moved. It cost $7,000 to lift the house off the foundation. It was estimated that moving it to a location 1.25 miles away would cost $15,000. It would cost significantly less to move it to the site on Leland and somewhat more to move the house further away to Geneva. The homeowner's contractor is working on getting an estimate for relocation to Geneva and Leland sites.

Cost of relhabilitation: Approx 100,000 for rehabilitation (per Building Commisioner, ballpark figure, depending on extent of rehabilitation conducted).

Targeted market: 4 person family.

Estimated sale price: Since this is to be an affordable unit, the sales price is determined by state guidelines. In approximate terms an affordable unit for 80% median income famiy might be sold for $160, 000 -170, 000. AffHsg Committee will contact MHP regarding sales price guidelines.

Use of any profit: Should the town make any net profit, the funds generated would be deposited in the AffordableHousing Trust Fund for future affordable housing projects.

Scanned files (I will have the docs below scanned and accessible by clicking on the document name):

Building Commisioner:
Preliminary assessment (House and Leland site)
Ballpark breakdown of costs (for relocation project, excluding moving the house)

Planning Board:
Preliminary assessment by Dave Sanderson (Leland site)

Scott D:
Certified appraisel for house only (?) $150, 000?

Site comparison:

7 Leland
Map Block Lot
Town of Norfolk
Town of Norfolk
8.3 acres. Lot size to be determined would be subdivided off the main parcel.
Cost to physically move the house to site
7000? (Contractor is researching and will advise)
(Contractor is researching and will advise.)
Process to release the land for this project
Selctmen vote. Process of subdiving the lot to create a housing lot.
Permitting process to obtain building permit
Most likely a comprehensive permit from ZBA.
Comprehensive permit from ZBA, or
Regular processing through town boards
Site description
Low (possibly wet) at frontage on Leland. Higher elevation at back of lot might provide location for house and septic.
Low and level.
Proximity to wetlands
CLose to flood plain of Mill River.
Close to Kinsbury Pond.
Neighborhood residents report high ground water in this area. New septics have been raised septics.
Proximity to town services/SMART growth
Located in a neighborhood remote from town center.
Walking distance to town center services including library, postoffice, townhall, MBTA, K-2 school, etc. DIrectly adjacent to Freeman Centennial School (Gr3-6)
History of property (by neighborhood resident)
Kingsbury Pond Assn (use?). Taken by town in lieu of taxes...? Title may not be clear due to one signature.
BiCentennial Park
Donated? For open space?
Taken in lieu of taxes?

Description of neighborhood (by neighborhood resident)
Perc tests on nearby lots
Perc tests on surrounding lots show good perc rates.
Horse paddocks, barn and houses.
Residences on Leland (adjacent) and Miller (adjacent and rear)
No houses facing the prperty
Owner of adjacent stables is concerned that there would be increased water drainage to her land.
No adjacent abutters.
Houses across the street face the property.
Since the property is located on 'one road in one road out' neighborhood. REsidents on Malcom and some on Geneva would pass house on a regular basis.
Concerns about possible effect on high water elevation and increased flooding onto their properties, including basements which are alread wet at times, requiring sump pumps in some cases(?).
Concerns about implications, including effect on property values, of having an 'affordable' home' in the neighborhood.

Limited neighborhood concerns. THe house is already in the neighborhood. Location will impact mostly abutters.
Significant neighborhoood concerns about flooding of roads and property. In a highly visible location.
Other potential uses if not used for house relocation
The land would likely be left as a small piece of woodland buffer between adjacent houses.
This piece of land has at various times been considered for other uses including a police and fire station, and more recently to provide access to the Freeman Centennial School. Left in it's curremt condition it creates a 8acre open space/recreation park for nearby neighborhoods. The next closest open space area of 5-10 acres is ... (the school?)
History of Project:
Mar 4, 2008: Met with three out of four of abutters to Leland site.

Feb 29, 2008: Per authorisation from AHTF, requested Town Counsel to confirm whether the deed is clear on the 7 Leland site and what process if any is reqd to make land available to accept the house.

Feb 20, 2008: AHC @ ZBA. Provided update on project to ZBA. One member suggested that the Geneva lot was donated "as a park". AHC will  research via Norfolk Registry of Deeds.

Feb 18, 2008: Board of Health found no info on Geneva site.

Feb 15, 2008: Work on this webpage began! Homeowner's project manager/designer contacts AHC chair to establish communication and to provide background information.

Feb 14, 2008: Per Board of Health, perc test data for lots situated around the 7 Leland site showed good drainage. Board of Health admin to research any data available for Geneva site.

Feb 13, 2008: Residents @AHC. No quorum. In informal discussion, AHC explains their role as facilitators of affordable housing endeavors, supporting developers, town boards and residents throughout the process. Contractor presented information and photos of the house. Residents voiced concerns: threat of increased flooding, due to high groundwater at both sites; and effect of affordable home on house values. Residents established a 'contact person'.

Feb 6, 2008: Scott D @School Committee. Significant level of neighborhood concern (Geneva location).

Jan 31, 2008: AHC @ Planning Bd. Planning Bd gives general approval to concept of relocating house to 7 Leland.

Ongoing schedule (just my thoughts, may not be realistic!):

Mar -   Title check, commision engineer
Apr -   Engineer site, especially perc tests (before May?)
        Apply for Site Eligibility Letter if applicable?
        Commision contractor
        ConCom permits if necessary?
        Start process with Planning/ZBA w engineer
        Select contractor
May -   Town Meeting
        Begin lottery process, with local preference
June -  Build foundation and driveway
        Move house
        'Install' house
        Six months since building permit (pemit to keep house on driveway) issued
July -  

To Do List:

Determine financing - AHTF ($200,000) and/or CPC funds? Balance with Rockwood Road project.
LIP (comprehensive permit) or variences and permits via town boards?
What is LIP process/timeline?
Progress on Inventory of Town-Owned Land
Contact additional abutter to Leland site.
AHC meet onsite with homeowners team (Mar 7?).

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