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Current Condition of The Facility

       From a passerby’s perspective, the current Public Safety Building has a nice appearance and seems to have aged well since it’s original construction in 1966 and the additions in 1984.  However, a closer examination of the building would show that the addition in 1984 merely provided a cosmetic façade around an old, antiquated facility behind the scene providing a “plastic fruit” appearance.
        Upon entering the building one can immediately see that the current layout provides many potential hazards to the staff, and visitors, varying from life safety to daily operations and emergency operations.    Circulating through the building it becomes very apparent that the building’s organization and space layout has not really changed for over 40-years from a time when the requirements and needs of a by-gone era vary so greatly from the current issues of that modern police and fire departments face daily.
        Various State Health Department violations have caused the Norfolk Police Department to terminate the use of a cell, and continue to spend operation costs to maintain the remaining cells to the state minimum.  The Bunk rooms for the full time Fire Department members contained within the station do not conform to the State Building code minimum requirements for an occupiable space, nor provide the mandatory egress window required for a residence type occupancy.  The bunk room trailer that is located on site provides sleeping arrangements for on staff personal, however creates an unsafe conditions for emergency response in inclement weather.
        Dispatch operates on aging, failing equipment without back-up equipment for support and without the proper wall ratings for fire and ballistic requirements.  Multiple room uses within the current complex have been adapted to accommodate current operational needs, but in doing so, their new multi-functional uses cause unsafe and unsanitary conditions.
       The original masonry load bearing walls were constructed without reinforcement or a cavity for insulation.  There are wall cracks throughout the building.  The existing structural system has no provisions for seismic activities, which is required in a public safety facility, nor could be added due to the nature of the existing construction.
        The heating and electrical systems are original and require upgrades to meet current code requirements.  The existing generator does not serve the entire facility when power is lost.  The building’s infrastructure is not designed to handle current and future technology needs.  The apparatus garage does not hold all of the fire and emergency vehicles and what can fit into the space leaves no room to spare.
        The building has exceeded its normal life expectancy and needs to be replaced.  Constructing additions and performing renovations is not a viable or cost effective option due to the condition of the facility, site constraints, and structural implications.

Proposed New Facility
Size: 29,000 Square Feet
Cost: $9.9 Million

       The proposed new public safety facility for the Town of Norfolk is a 2 story, pitched roof building that would house the Town’s Police and Fire Department’s operation. The fire station would have a 5 bay space for apparatus, equipment and storage, administrative offices on the first level and bunk, living quarters on the second level.
        The police station would have a secured sallyport and prisoner processing with code compliant detention facility. The station would be designed with a central dispatch center shared by both departments. Police administration and detective suite would be located on the second level with the police operational and daily support spaces located on the first level. There would be a wellness room that would be shared by both departments and a training room that would also serve both departments and the general public near the main entrance. This space will also convert to the Emergency Operations Center when needed. The floor plans are designed with efficiency in mind to serve the current and future needs of both departments, while incorporating opportunities for future growth.
        The exterior of the building would be traditionally styled to be in keeping with the context of the historic New England style that is apparent upon entering the town of Norfolk and use traditional brick and cementitious clapboard siding for exterior materials with an asphalt shingled roof. The site will be improved to include more public and staff parking.



Jack Hathaway
One Liberty Lane
Town Hall, 2nd Floor, Rm 205
(Board of Selectmen Suite)
Norfolk, MA 02056
Phone: (508) 528-1408


George Cronin
Jack Hathaway
Town Manager
Charles Stone
Police Chief
Cole Bushnell
Fire Chief
Robert Bullock
Building Commissioner
James Lehan
Board of Selectmen
Gregory Mirliss
John Wayne
John Weddleton


Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.

Daniel Tavares

Michael McKeon
Design Principal

Kristen Smith
Interior Designer

Todd Costa
Job Captain

Ken Costello
Landscape Architect/
Site Planner

Owner's Project Manager
PMA Construction Services


Chris Simmler
Project Manager

Robert Lambert
Asst. Project Manager