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RSC Meeting Minutes May 25, 2005

1 Liberty Lane
Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056

Minutes from May 25, 2005 RSC Meeting – In Attendance:

In Attendance: Joe Sebastiano, Jim Leonard, Chief Stone, and guest/potential new committee member Steve Stranieri.  [Bill Crump and Mario Damiata sent in notes of info/updates and needing to attend to other events this same evening.]

This RSC meeting in May was rescheduled from 5/11 (our typical 2nd Wednesday of the month) for 5/25 after the May Norfolk Town Meeting affected us meeting on 5/11 in May.

Post Town Meeting issues and upcoming Town Informational Hearing [Now Officially Scheduled for Monday June 6th at School/Auditorium TBD] town information forum on pending overrides the RSC will be supporting and presenting at with regards to the Pedestrian Pathway Stabilization Funding.

This meeting will be at a school (TBD) on Monday June 6th…Joe, Bill and Butch will be able to support both the info table at 6:30PM and then on Town Cable presentation starting at 7:30PM.

The official Town Vote on funding the new Pedestrian Pathway/Sidewalk Stabilization Fund at a rate of $50,000/yr (at 0.04 cent increase to the tax rate) is on June 14th.  Like other recent meetings, newsletters, NCTV, press related to this override and  the upcoming Community Day (June 11) will be great opportunities to provide residents with more info on the plan and the pending vote on 6/14/05.

Community Day Prep - RSC/Police/DARE tables/information and Roll Over Simulator, plus RSC member coverage to support these areas as well as sell/fit Bike helmets we will have on hand.~ Community Day is June 11th.

Bill bringing 2 tables (+1 one from the Lions) gives us three tables for the police-RSC-DARE section

New Police cruiser w/computer on display next to our police-RSC-DARE section

Roll-Over Demonstrator will be positioned in yard/parking area as agreed to by Mario and Lions (Mario and Joe attending Lion’s meeting at Holmes Field/Garage on Tuesday May 31st).

Helmets being sold by RSC for $5…new and any existing helmets fitted as well.

Maps of the pedestrian pathway plan on display

Mario will bring RSC banner and pertinent NHTSA/road-pedestrian safety brochures; and drunk driving goggles.

Joe setting up starting at 9AM (and on site all day supporting RSC, Lions and 4-H), Mario on hand most/if not all of session (including setup by 10-10:15 and especially supporting Helmet fittings and Rollover Demo), Jim best to be on hand first half of session (example 10:30 to 12:30), Joe will confirm if Bill can support 12:30 to 2:30 at minimum to help balance coverage.

Police and Dare (possibly TRIAD/EMTs) in area as well between 10:30 – 2:30.
Joe will bring backup speaker and microphone for Roll-over Simulation.   

Old Business – Jim is reviewing the available Police/event data packages we received from Chief Stone to pull/out summarize road and pedestrian safety related events/highlights; especially data supporting any problem areas that sidewalks or other RSC proposed solutions can address.

We spent time discussing what the RSC has been doing with potential new RSC committee member Stephen Stranieri, who joined us this evening and had previously inquired about joining some groups/committees like the RSC that interest him.   The RSC would like to increase its BOS (Board of Selectmen) appointed members this year.  Stephen would like to pursue joining the RSC and Joe will request Marian arrange a meeting time with the BOS to have Stephen and myself in to discuss their review and agreement, plus any questions Stephen might have.

Old Business - Bill prepared data and map (with LAT/LON pole #s) for Butch related to proposed street light locations along Boardman.  Joe still needs to complete acquiring pole numbers vs. balance of new lights still proposed/listed.

Next Events Meeting through July 13th:

Monday June 6th - Pending Town Vote Informational Forum (6:30pm to 8:30pm...School/Auditorium TBD)

No Monthly June RSC Meeting Wednesday June 8th~- Committee agreed on NO RSC MEETING this night/in June (foregoing typical second Wednesday of Month for needed efforts/meetings already scheduled~for June 6th and June 11th).

Saturday June 11th - Community Day (Holmes's Bus Field/Garage - 10:30AM to 2:30PM prime time - breakdown 3PM).

Tuesday June 14th - Town Vote on Proposed Overrides.

Thursday June 30th - Medway Branch Tree Hearing (as it relates to new pedestrian pathway implementation) - Planning Board/Town Hall (actually time during June 30th session TBD).

Wednesday July 13th - Next Monthly RSC Meeting (Town Hall Room 25; 7:30 PM).

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