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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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June 4, 2007 BPW Minutes
June 4, 2007

Present:   Ed Melanson, Chairman; Harvey Nasuti, Vice Chairman; Ellen Friedman, Member; Vida Holmes, Member

Ed Melanson called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm at the Town Hall in Room 214.  

Open Public Forum:
With no one from the public in attendance, Mr. Melanson deferred to the next agenda item.

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:  Deferred to next meeting

Report from the Director of Public Works:
Meter Replacement System:  KP System has been installed at the DPW, and we are online with some test meters; no dead spots have been noted.  One thousand meters have been ordered; meter installation should begin around the first of July.  Regarding commercial accounts; only three or four may need to be downsized.  We are still targeting next billing cycle to be up and running.

Residential Water Leak Repair Status:  Of the seventeen residential leaks discovered, 10 have been repaired; the remaining 7 are scheduled within the next couple of weeks. One resident called looking for consideration of the town sharing or reimbursing the cost; she was advised by the Director of Public Works to address a letter to the Board of Public Works outlining her concerns.  With regard to 16 Berkshire Street, it was determined that the original service was installed improperly; a new service will be installed, the current one abandoned.

Water Rate and Fee Study Status:  Mr. Vito did meet with Omer Dumais of Tighe & Bond to review the Scope of Service on May 1, 2007.  Tighe & Bond will target August for completion of the study.

Weeber Tank:  Moving forward with engineering; also putting plans together for supplemental well on Gold Street; Mr. Vito met informally with CPC; consensus was that they would not fund land purchase within the 400 foot radius buffer zone; Mr. Vito will pursue further.

Hydrant Flushing:  Ongoing list of fire hydrants to be put back in service will be fixed in-house where possible, contracted out where necessary.  Fire Chief is notified when hydrants are taken out of service, and when they are put back in service.

Board Business
Water Users Refund:  It was discussed that the refund will be shown as a line item credit on the next water bills.  Discussion continued with regard to how the credits will be reflected in the budget.

Organizational Information for Board of Selectmen:  A prioritized list of goals from the first Board of Public Works meeting was reviewed.  Mr. Melanson discussed the need to formulate a Water Division capital plan modeled on the vehicle capital plan.  Mr. Melanson also discussed the need to formulate a Strategic Plan for the Department of Public Works, as well as a Transition Plan for transferring oversight.  

Mr. Melanson noted that the water system is in good shape, and has a reliable revenue stream, whereas the Road Program is in need of an overhaul, and does not have a reliable revenue stream; the Road Program is funded through the General Fund.  Mr. Vito noted that he has spoken to the Board of Selectmen about isolating the Road Program funds by placing them into a stabilization account dedicated to roads; Mr. Vito also noted that it is difficult to plan for road funding, since the funds are not decided until each Spring Town Meeting.  Discussion continued regarding various items, such as reprinting the water conservation signs, status of the cell tower, hiring a Superintendent, phasing out or bidding the water consultant contract, tracking down grant money, and other items on the list.  It was noted that the recording secretary will have the minutes of this meeting ready for the final meeting, and that the Board will need to convene one last time to approve the minutes from the meeting of June 18, 2007.

At 7:50 pm Mr. Melanson made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Friedman seconded and it was so voted.

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