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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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August 28, 2006 BPW Minutes
August 28, 2006

Present:   Ed Melanson, Chairman; Harvey Nasuti, Assistant Chairman; Ellen Friedman,                    
                Member; Dan Winslow, Member; Vida Holmes, Member

Ed Melanson called the meeting to order at 7:05 at the Town Hall in Room 124.

Stormwater Phase II Program:
Mr. Melanson introduced Betsy Fredrick of S.E.A. Consultants, Inc. who was invited to update the Board on the town’s progress in implementing the mandates set forth as part of the Stormwater Phase II Program.

Ms. Fredrick began by informing the Board that the Storm Water Phase II Program is a federally mandated program that is a joint effort between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  She continued by stating that the program outlined the regulatory objectives through water quality improvements and sustainability and regulatory framework through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) storm water guidelines.  The NPDES Phase II ‘s primary focus is water quality and control of polluted stormwater runoff and identifying  point sources versus non-point sources of pollution, how development impacts storm water and identifying illicit sources of pollution.  Ms. Fredrick explained to the Board that storm water management has evolved greatly since 1975 and will continue to do so.  

NPDES Phase II Requirements:
·       Apply for coverage under NPDES Permit
·       Develop a Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) addressing six minimum control measures
·       Implement a SWMP using Best Management Practices (BMP)
·       Develop measurable goals
·       Periodically evaluate effectiveness

Minimum Control Measures Outlined by the Town of Norfolk;
·       Public education and outreach:  Target specific groups likely to impact Stormwater – a display was set up on Community Day, June 5, 2005
·       Public participation and involvement:  Catch basin stenciling program – Town will work with local boy scout & girl scout groups to develop a program
·       Illicit discharge detection and elimination:  Inventory and mapping of storm drain system – Town will implement a plan to map all outfalls and receiving water bodies
·       Construction site runoff control:   By-law development – review model by-laws developed by the DEP and the Attorney General’s Office – to be discussed further
·       Post construction runoff control:  Post construction management - to be discussed further
·       Pollution prevention/good housekeeping:  Operations and maintenance to reduce pollutants from municipal operations and employee training

The Town of Norfolk has submitted reports for each year it has been involved in the program.  Norfolk is currently in its 4th year of the first 5 year phase of the Stormwater Phase II Program.  Most of its goals have been completed or are underway.  Ms. Fredrick noted that the community could write the permit for the next 5 year phase of the program outlining what would best be accomplished.

Mr. Vito informed the Board that the Department has been working with the Planning Board to have the by-law ready for next town meeting but this process will also require communication and input from the Board of Health.

The Board members thanked Ms. Fredrick for her presentation and the informative discussion and update on the Stormwater Phase II Program.

Mr. Melanson continued with the Open Public Forum portion of the meeting.  Matt MacDonald from the Norfolk Boomerang inquired about how the roundabouts have been working out since they have been in-place for the past four months.  Mr. Vito agreed to answer any questions he had after the meeting.  With nothing further Mr. Melanson moved to the next item on the agenda.

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes:
Mr. Winslow made a motion to accept the meeting minutes of June 26 2006; July 24, 2006;
July 31, 2006; August 14, 2006 and August 17, 2006.  Ms. Holmes seconded, and it was
so voted.

Mr. Melanson continued with the Report from the Director of Public Works:
FY-2007 Rates for Snow Contract Equipment and Drivers:  Mr. Vito brought the Board’s attention to the Town of Norfolk seven year rate summary sheet and a rate survey of surrounding towns. The average increase for Norfolk contractors over last year was calculated at 3.9%.  Mr. Vito informed the Board that contract equipment and drivers are paired with equipment operated by a DPW employee to allow for a good line of communication.  It was also noted that contractors with equipment pay for their own fuel during a plowing operation.  Mr. Vito reminded the Board that the snow account has remained the same but it is the only account from which the Town can deficit-spend.  With no further discussion Mr. Nasuti made a motion to approve the rates for Snow Contract Equipment and Drivers as recommend by the Director of Public Works.  Mr. Winslow seconded, and it was so voted.

Nextel Wireless:   Mr. Vito continued the discussion with an update on Nextel Wireless. Reviewed Nextel’s Scenario; had been rejected because they did not meet the minimum requirements, then resubmitted, but now want to rescind.  After researching the vote it was determined that a vote was taken to accept their offer to resubmit.  Mr. Vito noted that the Board’s approval was required to release the bid security.  Mr. Winslow made a motion to approve the request to release the bid security submitted by Nextel Communications. Ms. Holmes seconded, and it was so voted.

Mr. Melanson continued with Board Business
Water Rate Study:
As a result of the second meeting with Omer Dumais of Tighe and Bond, a revised scope of service was submitted for the Board’s review and approval.  After a brief review and discussion, the Board agreed to move forward with the Study.  Mr. Winslow made a motion to approve the revised Rate Study Scope of Service substituting the Town of Norfolk’s standard service conditions into the contract document.  Ms. Holmes seconded, the vote was 4 -1 in-favor of moving forward with the scope of service, and it was so voted.

Meeting Schedule:
After a brief discussion, the Board decided to cancel their next scheduled meeting on September 11, 2006 since there would not be a quorum.  A meeting schedule for the next three months would be submitted to the Board for their review and scheduling purposes.  The Board’s next meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2006, in room 214 at the Town Hall.

Celebrate Norfolk – September 9, 2006:
Mr. Vito informed the Board that the DPW would have a booth set up that day on town Hill and through the generosity of several of our vendors would participate in a raffle to benefit Norfolk Together.  

Leak Detection Report:
Mr. Melanson commented on the leak detection report and requested an explanation of the rating system of 1 – 2- or 3.  Mr. Vito informed the Board that a rating of “1” indicated a major leak.  Mr. Vito also noted that the report indicated only four leaks, none of which were located on a water main.  Mr. Nasuti noted a marked improvement since the Ad-Hoc Committee was formed.

At 9:05 p.m. being no further business Mr. Winslow made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Ms. Holmes seconded, and it was so voted.

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