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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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February 12,2007 BPW Minutes
February 12, 2007

Present:   Ed Melanson, Chairman; Ellen Friedman, Member; Dan Winslow, Member
Absent:   Harvey Nasuti, Vice Chairman; Vida Holmes, Member             

Ed Melanson called the meeting to order at 7:05 at the Town Hall in Room 214.

Open Public Forum:
With no one from the public in attendance, Mr. Melanson deferred to the next item on the agenda.

Report from the Director of Public Works:
With the Director of Public Works not in attendance due to a prior appointment with the Board of Selectmen, Mr. Melanson deferred to the next item on the agenda.

Mr. Melanson continued with Board Business.

Charles River Household Hazardous Waste Agreement.  Board members were presented with, and signed, the CRHHW Agreement, which is an inter-municipal agreement allowing participating communities the ability to utilize household hazardous waste collection dates scheduled by each of the communities. The agreement has been renewed for the past several years.

Articles for Town Meeting:  Board members began a discussion of the proposed articles submitted by the Board of Public Works for the Annual Town Meeting and agreed that the first 3 Articles were all standard Town Meeting articles submitted each year; as well as the fourth – gift of land for Carlson Circle; ninth – transfer Water Retained Earnings for GIS overlay map; eleventh – funds to extend 2,000 +/- water main on Sherwood Drive & David Road;  and twelfth – transfer Water Retained Earnings to complete meter replacement program; all required no discussion before approving for submittal.

Discussion continued on the remaining Articles, DPW Facility Expansion, Gold Street – Supplemental Well, System Corrections – Maple Street to Essex Street, Weber Tank – Cleaning and Painting, Board expressed some concerns over the wording of the articles, which noted the funding source as Water Retained Earnings. The discussion continued suggesting that the wording of articles should be changed to include “borrowing” as an option, since these costs should be spread out over time.  For example “To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, transfer from retained earnings, borrow or bond . . .” It was decided to defer further discussion of until Mr. Vito is available to answer questions and provide justification.

Water Rates:
Mr. Winslow asked Ms. Friedman for a summary of the census data, without names or addresses, for water usage greater than 50,000 gallons. A motion was made to rescind a vote of previous water rates which did not clearly define the rate progression, and instead vote to authorize a 4-tier program, rates of  0-15,000 gallons @ $4.75; 15,001 – 35,000 @ $5.70; 35,001 – 50,000 @  $7.41; 50,001 + @ $10.37, and with connection & services charges as previously voted.  Mr. Winslow seconded, and it was so voted.  The recording secretary was instructed to request that Tighe & Bond mount their presentation on 22” x 36” foam boards.

Ms. Friedman raised the question of interest and demand charges due to the remit to address change forwarding order expiring after one year.  It was decided that the Board would defer to the DPW management for resolution.

Inspection Supervisor Position:  Mr. Melanson stated that there had been feedback from the Planning Board with regard to the new position of Inspection Supervisor.  Mr. Winslow stated that he felt more comfortable in some cases with an outside Inspector, as opposed to an in-house Inspector; and when we perform DPW inspectors, we should back-charge the pertinent department.  Mr. Winslow cited subdivision regulations, and stated that the Planning Board needs to be specific in their regulations, and DPW should be consulted before any waivers are granted.

DPW Superintendent Position:
Mr. Melanson stated that the current Interim Superintendent is not interested in the permanent job; we have advertised the job and received 3 resumes, none of whom were felt to be fully qualified; the position was re-advertised, again with no good results; major factor is that none of the applicants have water licenses.  He further stated that he is not sure the Planning Board will approve a new fee-based position, and this would put the DPW salary budget at risk.  Mr. Winslow was in favor of deferring discussion until Mr. Vito could be present.  Mr. Winslow further stated that these personnel discussions should be continued in Executive Session.

Solid Waste Transfer Station Newsletter:  Mr. Winslow requested we accelerate research into plastics not currently accepted; Ms. Mitnick informed the Board that time constraints for printing the newsletter would not allow for such a program to be implemented before publication, but information could be noted in the Newsletter informing residents that this area was being investigated.  Ms. Mitnick further informed the Board that an increase in decal stickers would require their approval.  It was decided to defer a vote on this, pending further discussion with Mr. Vito.

Next meeting:  It was decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for February 26; next meeting will be held March 12, 2007.

At 8:30 p.m. Mr. Winslow made a motion for the Board to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel issues, and it was the intention of the Board not to return to regular session and to adjourn the meeting from there. Mr. Melanson seconded.   A roll call vote was taken. Ed Melanson, aye; Dan Winslow, aye; Ellen Friedman, aye, and it was so voted.

The recording secretary was excused from attending the Executive Session.

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