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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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Well Testing Regulation
The Board of Health of the Town of Norfolk requires that prior to the transfer of title to real property located in the Town of Norfolk, any private water supply for that particular parcel be tested by a Massachusetts Certified Water Testing Laboratory for appropriate yield and for chemical, physical and biological water contamination according to the Norfolk Board of Health Minimum Sanitation Standards for Private or Semi-Public Water Supply. The results of these tests shall be submitted to the Norfolk Board of Health. It is the responsibility of the owner, and not the Norfolk Board of Health, to inform the buyer of the results of the tests.  The Board shall issue an advisory indicating whether or not the results meet said standards for a private well drinking water supply.

A copy of the advisory shall be placed on file at the office of the Board of Health and shall be deemed a public record.

If the owner decides to forgo the water tests, the owner shall execute a waiver (form attached) to be signed by both the owner and buyer, and the owner shall file the signed waiver with the Norfolk Board of Health.

In such an event the Board of Health takes no position and makes no warranty as to the adequacy and potability of the water supply.

These amendments and revisions were adopted by vote of the Board of Health,

Town of Norfolk, Massachusetts on November 1, 1990 and are to be in full force and effect upon publication.

Dr. Thomas R. Gilbert, Chairman Dr. Albert G. Andersen, Clerk Laurence M. Magner, Member


Quantity tests shall be performed by a competent pump or well drilling contractor and a well shall produce a supply for each dwelling unit served by an on-site well as follows:

                                    Well Depth                                                  Gallons Per minute for 4 hours
                                       0-150 feet                                                    5-6 gpm
                                    150-200 feet                                                               4 gpm
                                    200-300 feet                                                        2-3 gpm
                                    300 feet & over                                                          1-2 gpm

The names and telephones #s provided are for reference only - they are not recommendations by the Board of Health.

Ø       Cool Water Pump Co. -508-883-4857
Ø       Crystal Pump Co. -508-528-8959
Ø       Brodeur Pump Co. - 508-883-9247
Ø       Paul's Water Works - 401-769-5809


The following bacteriological and chemical analyses must be performed by taking a sample from a tap in the building by a Massachusetts Certified Laboratory Representative:
·      Total Coliform Bacteria
·      Total Bacteria (may also be called Standard Plate Count or Heterotrophic Plate Count)
·      Ammonia Nitrogen
·      Nitrite Nitrogen
·      Nitrate Nitrogen
·      Chloride
·      Sodium
·      Arsenic
·      Lead
·      Total Iron
·      Manganese
·      Color
·      Turbidity
·      Odor
·      pH
·      Total Alkalinity
·      Total Hardness
·      Volatile Organic Compounds (BPA 524,624,501,502,601 or 602)

*Other parameters may be required on a case by case basis if deemed necessary by the Board of Health. The names and telephone #s provided are for reference only -they are not recommendations by the Board of Health.
·      Analytical Balance Corp. - 1-508-946--2225
·      Alpha Analytical- 508-898-9220
·      ETR Environmental Labs -1-800-344-9977
  •         G & L Labs - 617-328-3663
·      Microbac - 508-595-0010
·      Premier Labs - 1-800-334-0103

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