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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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Pump System Certification Guide

Prior to inspection of the pump system by the Board of Health, the system designer shall conduct a flow rate test for each installed pump and certify such in writing to the Board of Health. A simple way to do this is to measure the horizontal cross-section of the tank, and run the pump for a measured period of time. Measure the depth to the water surface at the beginning and end of the test period. The flow rate in gallons per minute can then be readily calculated. However, the designer can use any reasonably acceptable method. The pump running switches and alarm switches should also be checked out.

For the submittal to the Board of Health, provide a simple drawing showing the actual as-built dimensions of the pump chamber.

·       The on-off elevations of the switches.
·       The elevation of the pump chamber bottom.
·       The volume to be pumped for each dosing cycle.
·       The actual total dynamic head.
·       The make, model, and horsepower of the installed pump.
·       The pump performance curve of the installed pump.
·       The manufacturer’s stated flow rate for the dynamic head calculated.
·       A statement that the alarm is on a separate electrical circuit from the pump.
·        The presence of any shut-off or check valves, unions, and weep holes.
·       The volume of storage capacity above the pump-on switch.

The designer shall include a certification that the pump installation has been constructed in accordance with the above and is in compliance with Title 5 and the Board of Health regulations.

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