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Guidance Document for Septic System Final Insp & Cert of Compliance
Prepared by William R. Domey, P.E., Agent

Presuming all previous construction field inspections to this point have been satisfactory, prior to issuance of a Certificate of Compliance, the final inspection for a septic system is of the final grading.

Prior to that inspection, the following documentation must be submitted to the Board of Health and forwarded to the Environmental Agent for review. Title 5 or the Board of Health regulations requires all of these items.

A certified, designer drawn As-Built plan of the system, including the final grading.
An installer drawn As-Built sketch which shows cross-tie measurements from the house corners or other permanent, identifiable objects to the manhole openings of the septic tank, distribution box, any cleanouts, and pump chamber if there is one, and any miscellaneous structures.
Results of the sieve grain-size analysis of the leaching system granular sand fill, where applicable.
A certification of the system location and construction by the designer on a form provided by the Board of Health.
A certification of the system location and construction by the installer on a form provided by the Board of Health.
Copies and proof of recording at the Registry of Deeds of all required deed restrictions, notifications, or variances as applicable.
Results of pump system testing, where applicable.

Receipt of these documents should be recorded at the office and forwarded to the Agent.

After all of the documentation is received and determined to be satisfactory by the agent, and upon request of the installer, an inspection is scheduled. At the time of the inspection, it is expected that:

The inlet septic tank cover is exposed to verify that is not more than six inches below final grade
That topsoil has been placed over the leaching area, and
The leaching area has been satisfactorily stabilized by the planting of grass or the placement of mulch.

For New Construction only, if the house is served by an on-site private well water supply, the following must also be satisfactorily completed prior to issuance of a Certificate of Compliance:

Well Drilling Log and Flow Test (Yield) data.
Laboratory Analysis from a tap in the building (preferably from the kitchen) for all required parameters.
Inspection of the well pressure tank.

Upon satisfactory completion of the final inspection, the Certificate of Compliance is signed by the Environmental Agent and can be issued to the APPLICANT. Copies are sent to the Building Department, the Installer, and the Designer.

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