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January 2014

Q: A couple of recent posts from norfolknet.  Not a whole lot to say to these folks, except maybe they should attend Town Meeting.  

1/21 11:44pm   BF - You are correct when you remind those reading that this is "our" money not the Town of Norfolk's, not the State of Massachusetts', and not the Federal government's. The taxpayers approved the purchase of the Old Gump's Farm to preserve the land, the fields as they were, open space. For some reason, a few decided that we needed to install a New York, Bronx style playground and since that is what they, the CPC and the Town officials envisioned (sort of like their bridge to nowhere), You, the taxpayer who pays for it, better accept it!!
 Did they ever take into account that there are three(3) playgrounds within 0 .5 miles of this playground not including the old playground on Boardman Street? I wouldn't want to tell you what they cost (can you say millions). One reader so eloquently made the point that if The Old Boardman street Playground was so bad why didn't the people using it get together and donate money to repair it??? Oh, I know, the same reason they don't have a swing set in their back yard, they would have to pay for it. Why do that when you can get everyone to share the cost!! Welcome to the NEW Norfolk!! We have new trucks for every DPW worker (so now they can hide starting at 1:15pm till 2:45pm in warmth and style), we have the best of the best Police vehicles, (more vehicles than officers I think), so that they can handle the rough terrain of Norfolk (that must be Park street where the road looks like a war zone), a fancy recreation Dept vehicle (I know it came out of their budget) i.e. YOUR TAX DOLLAR, and I could go on and on!
 The point is; Just because our roads are plowed after a snow storm (they better be with the cost of it), just because our kids are not coming home from school "high" and mumbling, does not mean that everything is OK and our Government officials are watching out for you! Most of them just look at it as just a job, (that's why they are always applying to new ones out of town, on your dime). It is time that the budgets in this town are reviewed using a zero based budget model where all expenses have to be justified and not that we just keep adding more money to existing spending. We need to review thoroughly the Police, Fire, DPW and School budgets and reduce the wasteful spending which keeps mounting year after year. We also have to eliminate the CPC tax. What started out as a great idea, like most government programs has turned out to be a wasteful program benefiting a few.
- CW

1/21 11:43pm   Just wanted to send out a recommendation for "Dryer Clean Out Services". Not only do they clean out dryer vents and lint trap in your dryer, they actually take the dryer apart and clean the inside of the drum as well. This picture shows the lint that was trapped within the dryer drum that would not have been removed, and the lint actually appears to be singed a bit. The cleaner was very helpful and courteous. Phone number is (508) 466-1411. Recommended on Angie's List.
- KB

1/21 11:40pm   Just went past (again) an amazing site at the corner of route 115 and Boardman St in Norfolk... The location: Where Gumps country farm stand once stood... Good riddance I say! Now we can lay out more much needed asphalt for the parking requirements of what appears to be the site for some sort of amusement park.
 Has anybody else notice this initial grand improvement to that old crummy farm! And the now huge array of unassembled colorful parts of what appears to be the first phase of a miniature amusement park located right here in our own Town. Does anybody know if this may be the next location of Six Flags...? Perhaps this small scale phase is just a trial run for them...? Will there be an admission charge? Perhaps we Norfolk taxpayers will receive a discounted or free admission? Will some of the amusements be for us ``older kids'' or just for our Towns tots?
 Thankfully there is still some room of yet to be altered ``open space'' behind this site for future expansion. Perhaps we can rally for a roller coaster and/or a giant Ferris wheel... or miniature golf! Yes!! Hey with all these plans to load up our Towns center with 50 or so houses neatly packed on one or two small parcels of land , and then do this again on more and more parcels of land in our Towns center, then this sort of planning makes so much sense. We taxpayers must keep all the future newcomers with young families amused so they will stay and we can perhaps gather even more CPC revenue from them as well for future acquisitions of more open space... and then subject that land for some wise repurposing of such. What's next, we then pass more zoning law amendments to allow for triple decker's too?
 Ahh... the sweetness of ``country living''... the heck with trees and fields and meadows I say... oh and locally grown fresh produce... I for one would much rather buy my strawberries from a chain grocery store who purchases produce grown in Mexico and South America... I have heard those countries are still allowed to use that good old and wonderful DDT... mmm mmm good stuff... not to mention food bio engineered... Wasn't there going to be a community farm in Town? Is that site under pavement now?
- BF (2)

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