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Town of Norfolk Massachusetts
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Public Records Request
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Records Access Officer
Town Hall
One Liberty Lane
Norfolk, MA 02056
508 528-1408
Monday - Thursday 9:00AM to 6:00PM
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updated 10/25/2017
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Available documents include:
Board of Selectman – Annual Town Reports, regular & executive session minutes
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Zoning Board of Appeals – Zoning Bylaws, Zoning Map, meeting minutes
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Town of Norfolk
Public Records Access Guidelines

Effective January 1, 2017, the Massachusetts Public Records Law, G.L. c.66 and c.4, §7(26) provides that a municipality must, within 10 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays), respond to a request for records by providing access to or a copy of such records, or explaining any delay or denial. These guidelines are intended to assist members of the public seeking access to public records in the custody of the Town of Norfolk.

General information about the public records law and public records requests is found in the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s, “A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law,” January 2017 edition, found online at:

Location and Hours:

The Norfolk Town Hall is located at 1 Liberty Lane Norfolk, MA 02056.
The regular business hours of Town Hall are: Monday - Thursday 9am – 6pm

Records Access Officer:
The following Records Access Officers (RAO) have been appointed by the Board of Selectman:

                Anthony Turi, Assistant Town Clerk
                Town Clerks Office
Norfolk Town Hall
1 Liberty Lane
Norfolk, MA 02056

Making a Public Records Request:

The town will do its best to follow all laws, rules and guidelines published by the State Legislature, the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Commonwealth relating to public records.

Any person may make a public records request, whether or not they are a resident of the Town of Norfolk.

Before making a public records request please check the town’s website and review the town departments and the records they have available online.

The Town of Norfolk will attempt to provide as many of its records and resources available online and free of charge as we can. If you are unable to locate the documents online please call the relevant department to request assistance. If you do not know which department to contact, please call the Town Clerks Office at 508-528-1400. They should be able to direct your request to the relevant department.

By statute the town is not allowed to require any specific method for making a public records request. With that said, it is strongly encouraged that all public records requests be made in writing to the RAO listed above by first class mail or email. When making a public records request please include your name and contact information.

In order to best respond to a records request in a timely manner, please make your request as specific as possible; including any relevant department(s), dates or date ranges, search terms, addresses, etc. The broader the request the more time and resources will be required to respond, which can result in delays, fees or other issues. The RAO may contact a requestor for more information or better guidance on the request.

If the information you are looking is not available online or directly through the department, or if you are requesting a large amount of documents or information please contact the Records Access Officer listed above to begin you official public records request.
You can contact the Records Access Officer (RAO) at:

In person or by mail:   Anthony Turi
                                Records Access Officer
Town Clerks Office                              
1 Liberty Lane
Norfolk, MA 02056

By Phone: 508-528-1400

For requests relating to the King Philip School District please contact the District Records Access Officer.

Lisa B. Witkus
Records Access Officer
King Philip Regional School District
18 King Street
Norfolk, MA 02056

Telephone: 508-520-7991, Ext. 250

Responses to Public Records Requests:

Generally the town has 10 business days to provide a response to a public records request and we will make every effort to work within that timeline. If the town cannot provide a full response to the request within the statutory time, the RAO will provide a written response providing an anticipated timeframe for responding, a good faith estimate of any fees, a list of records that are not in the control of the town, identifying any records that will be redacted or not provided along with an explanation of the relevant exemption and its application. The time required by the town to provide a full response cannot exceed 25 days from the receipt of the request without an extension from the Supervisor of Records.
Please refer to  “A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law,”  for further details on the requirements of the town.


If a requester wishes to assert a claim that they have been denied access to public records, they may appeal the RAO’s determination to the Supervisor of Records pursuant to 950 CMR 32.08(1). The Supervisor shall make a final determination on the appeal within ten (10) business days of receipt.
If the requester is dissatisfied with the determination of the Supervisor of Records, the requester may appeal to Superior Court. Alternatively, a requester may bypass the Supervisor and go directly to Superior Court.
For further information on appeals, see the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s “A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law,” January 2017 edition, available at

Norfolk Town Hall, One Liberty Lane, Norfolk MA 02056  Phone: 508-528-1408
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